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Domestic Violence Cases in Rhode Island

In Rhode Island, the prosecution of domestic violence cases are highly prevalent at both the District and Superior court levels. However, misdemeanor charges are generally resolved in District Court and felonies in Superior Court. In District Court, the typical domestic…

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Felony Domestic Assault

Felony Domestic Assault – John E. MacDonald

Why Time is So Important in Felony Domestic Assault Cases If you have been accused of felony domestic assault, you find yourself in a dire legal situation. You can expect the prosecution to pursue your case aggressively. And if you…

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domestic abuse cases

Misdemeanor Conviction for Domestic Assault

Criminal Charges: The client was detained by ICE authorities based upon a 2002 misdemeanor conviction for domestic assault. Despite being a long-term permanent resident of the United States who was eligible for cancellation of removal, he was detained by the…

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Rhode Island Domestic Violence Penalties

In the state of Rhode Island, domestic violence convictions carry heavy consequences. Over the past 30 years, there have been drastic shifts in the legal authority granted to law enforcement officers. Police are now able to make warrant-less arrests when…

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