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John E. MacDonald is recognized as a top RI Criminal Defense Lawyer and Trial Attorney in Providence, Rhode Island. His 20+ year track record of successfully defending criminal cases throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts in state and federal courts is second to none. Read More

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We proudly help clients in a wide-variety of criminal cases.
We've helped thousands of clients throughout the years who have been criminally accused.


“John, I would like to sincerely thank you for believing in me and working so diligently on my case. My family and I deeply appreciate everything you have done in winning back my freedom and restoring my innocence.”

“John MacDonald’s ability to speak, listen, and act on behalf of his clients is far superior to that of his colleagues. Under times of great duress, it was comforting to have such a powerhouse in my corner. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone caught in the crosshairs of the judicial system.” – P.P.

“John MacDonald did a superb job on my case, devising an excellent over-all legal strategy and executing it perfectly. He always promptly responded to any questions or concerns I had. If you need a lawyer, you can’t do any better than John.” – Robert

Criminal Defense blog

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