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Are you under investigation for First Degree Child Molestation?

If you become aware that you are being investigated for First Degree Child molestation it is imperative that you seek qualified legal counsel. Your legal counsel should have experience defending these charges, from investigation through indictment and trial. It is crucial that you obtain the correct legal advice as to what extent you will cooperate with this investigation. There are some cases where an interview with police makes perfect sense and other times that it does not. Your actual innocence has very little to do with this decision.

Have you been arrested for First Degree Child Molestation?

Criminal Defense Attorney John Macdonald

To defend against a child molestation charge in a court of law can be an very unsettling and unpredictable experience. The initial arrest may result in a denial of bail and a two-week wait for a bail hearing. Simply having friends, family or coworkers find out about a charge can be enough to turn your life upside down. Child molestation is an extremely serious crime, and anyone facing it should know their legal rights, as well as the penalties within the state of Rhode Island.

Conviction of this crime not only carries the most severe jail terms but offenders will be required to not only register as a sex offender in the state of Rhode Island. If the crime is deemed severe then as part of the Jessica Lunsford Child Predator Act of 2006 the offender will be required to be “electronically monitored via an active global positioning system for life”.

The State of Rhode Island defines first degree child molestation as penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth by any part of the body of a person age 14 or under body by an adult. This is what differentiates the crime from second degree child molestation which focuses primarily on any type of lascivious touching of intimate body parts. It is important to be aware that a child’s consent does not alter the crime or the penalty in any way whatsoever.

If you have been charged, arrested, or even just investigated you need to defend your rights and privacy immediately. The affects on your life will be far reaching even if the accusations are false. Call an experienced and aggressive sex crimes trial attorney immediately. With over 25 years of experience as a trial attorney and former Rhode Island Public Defender, John E. MacDonald understands how important the first steps are to your successful defense and case outcome.

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