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Providence Criminal Defense Attorney John E. MacDonald
Providence Criminal Defense Attorney John E. MacDonald

Providence Criminal Defense Attorney John E. MacDonald has 25 plus years of experience helping clients in Rhode Island and Massachusetts who are facing criminal prosecution. Attorney John E. MacDonald is a former public defender from the Rhode Island Department of Public Defender.

The Law Office Of John E. MacDonald, Inc. represent clients facing felony or misdemeanor charges in the state and federal criminal courts of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

We have aggressively and successfully represented clients facing criminal prosecution in Rhode Island for 25 plus years. Contact us if you need an experienced defense lawyer with a successful track record defending criminal charges and crimes such as:

Our goal in each case is either dismissal or acquittal followed by expungement of the criminal record. For an example of cases handled by Attorney MacDonald, please see our results page.

Results achieved by criminal defense attorney John E. MacDonald:

  • criminal defense reviews October 2011: Client was charged with the federal crime of interstate transportation of a minor for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity, a serious felony charge with a mandatory sentence of 10 years in prison. Investigation revealed that the complainant lied about her age and background, both in the online forum where the parties met as well as in person. Investigation also showed that the complainant had engaged in similar behavior with other adults. Charges dismissed by United States Attorney’s Office.
  • criminal defense reviews August 2011: Client is a lawful permanent resident from Cape Verde. He was placed in removal proceedings as a result of three separate crimes of domestic violence occurring ten years ago. ICE authorities detained him without bond at the Bristol House of Correction. Post-conviction relief was filed in all three cases and granted. Client was released from detention and his removal case will now be terminated
  • criminal defense reviews Testimonial from client’s daughter: “You saved my dad when we had no hope and for that we are forever grateful.” Maria C.
  • criminal defense reviews August 2011: A client’s conviction for domestic assault in 2000 caught up with him 10 years later and placed him in removal proceedings in Florida. The client’s family had attempted to vacate the plea with another attorney but were unsuccessful. Attorney MacDonald was hired in April, 2011. A review of the plea colloquy showed that there were defects in violation of Rule 11 of the District Court Rules of Criminal Procedure. Post-conviction was filed in June, 2011 and granted in August, 2011. Client is now no longer subject to deportation and is now eligible to apply for citizenship.
  • criminal defense reviews Testimonial from client’s wife: “What for years other lawyers said would be a definite deportation, and even the one that dared to try couldn’t do, John Macdonald delivered! His personal touch and “can do” attitude ensured that my husband’s case be vacated in the Rhode Island courts even though we lived in Florida. He worked with us every step of the way and we are now more than ever sure that justice exists! John, you are the best, God put you in our path when hope was lost and you delivered, our family will be forever grateful as you have given us the opportunity to remain together! God Bless You!!” Lee F.
  • criminal defense reviews July, 2011 Client charged in Massachusetts with indecent assault and battery on his tenant and his tenant’s daughter. Case was prepared for trial and ultimately dismissed by the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office for lack of evidence.
  • criminal defense reviews June, 2011 Client charged with a domestic assault upon his wife. After several pre-trial conferences, the City dismissed all charges and the case was expunged from his criminal history.
  • criminal defense reviews June, 2011 Mother charged with a domestic assault against her son. After negotiations with the Town, case dismissed at the pre-trial stage and expunged from her criminal history.
  • criminal defense reviews May, 2011 Client’s girlfriend made allegations of first degree sexual assault to Police. Working with the Police and Attorney General’s office and after investigation, the decision was made not to charge client based upon the factual inconsistencies and contradictions in the complaint.
  • criminal defense reviews April, 2011 Client’s sister-in-law’s made accusations to the Police of first and second degree sexual assault. Attorney MacDonald and client met with the police and disclosed video evidence that clearly contradicted the complaint. As a result, no charges were filed by Police.

The Law Office of John E. MacDonald guarantees that our lawyers will take the time to completely explain why we are pursuing a legal avenue on your behalf. We will explain the strengths and weaknesses of your legal matter from the very beginning. We will regularly update you on your case. You will never complete a discussion with one of our attorneys and not have the answer to your question or a plan and timeframe to obtain the answer.

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We are available to our clients twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We frequently answer emails after hours, on weekends, and while on vacation. We love what we do and we love to win. We encourage you to consider a complimentary consultation, wherein you will notice, first hand, the professionalism, competence and dedication we have to offer in resolving your family court situation.

Our experienced Rhode Island criminal defense attorneys understand the level of anxiety an individual can experience when facing a criminal charge or accusation. This difficult time not only affects the individual charged but also impacts the lives of their family and loved ones. Facing these charges can bring hardship in careers, community influence and personal relationships. We’ve helped hundreds of clients walk out the difficult legal process of defending their rights and fought effortlessly on their behalf. You don’t have to face your legal matters alone. Our criminal defense lawyers are here to help you and your family navigate this challenging time.

Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer John E. MacDonald

The Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer John E. MacDonald is available to help you with your criminal case. I can’t stress enough the importance of contacting a defense attorney immediately after an arrest. For a free consultation at my Providence office call 401.421.1440.