Federal Crimes

Criminal representation in federal court requires extensive knowledge of the complex federal rules of criminal procedure and practice. It is a completely different type of representation than state criminal practice. The rules and procedures are heavily slated in favor of the United States Attorney, which enjoys all of the charging power and law enforcement resources. There is a vast array of crimes that the United States Attorney can charge that implicate potential mandatory minimum sentences. Attorney John E. MacDonald has practiced in Rhode Island and Massachusetts District Courts since 2001. He has been lead and co-counsel in a number of high profile federal trials, including United States v. Richard Hatch – the first winner of the reality television show Survivor charged with tax evasion and fraud offenses. Attorney MacDonald enjoys an excellent working relationship with the prosecutors in the United States Attorney’s Office in Rhode Island since so many of them are former Rhode Island state prosecutors.

Criminal Defense Attorney John E. MacDonald

Attorney John E. MacDonald is interviewed by the media after the verdict in United States v. Richard Hatch.