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There are several types of fraud that are handled under the United States white collar crime laws. Essentially fraud is when a person, company or organization deliberately misrepresents the truth so that they can obtain some amount of gain. Parties accused of fraud by others can face criminal and civil charges which can lead to lawsuits, fines and even jail time. Some of the types of fraud cases we handle include:

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Whether you are facing a fraud charge in or wish to explore exposing fraud that is taking place our Rhode Island Fraud Defense Attorneys can help. The Law Offices of John E. MacDonald, Inc. has years of fraud related experience throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Our offices always offer free evaluations for any fraud related case. We also employ several professionals and experts including tax accountants, private investigators, law enforcement specialists and others who can help with your case.

Consumer fraud is on the rise, especially with the Internet. Individuals passing themselves off as other companies or people are bilking unsuspecting people out of millions of dollars each year. In addition, companies and individuals that sell products are unlawfully marketing them or illegally operating schemes that can involve automobiles, real estate, stocks and bonds, and many others. Any time you buy something you are protected by several important consumer safeguard laws that can be enforced by our law firm at any time. Credit fraud is also unfortunately common as well and involves the illegal use of people’s credit cards or credit information in some illegal manner.

For RI lawyers fraud cases can quickly become complex if the attorney is not knowledgable or experienced in defending accusations of fraud. If you or your company has been wrongfully accused of fraud it can cost you significantly as well. If you are facing a fraud charge you need to have experienced and Aggressive Rhode Island Fraud Attorneys on your side in order to ensure that you have the best defense possible. Many times fraud occurs without managers or others in the company realizing it before it is too late. They risk losing the company and all of its related assets.

Do not face a fraud charge with ineffectual or inexperienced legal assistance.

Call the Law Offices Of John E. MacDonald, Inc. today for a free evaluation of your fraud case. We can assist you in making a distinctive and solid plan of action in order to combat fraud in your workplace or defend yourself against a charge of fraud. Contact us today for a FREE consultation with an experienced Fraud defense attorney.

Fraud Defense Case Results

In United States v. Richard Hatch, Attorney John E. MacDonald was lead counsel for all 7 fraud counts levied against Mr. Hatch. These counts included mail, wire and bank fraud. After a 3 week jury trial, Mr. Hatch was found not guilty of all 7 fraud counts.

Rhode Island Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is a criminal offense which is considered a “white collar” crime, as it can be linked to finances and businesses. Being accused of credit card fraud may not only place your freedom at risk, but your business may be at risk as well. If you are under investigation for credit card fraud or considered a fraud expert in Rhode Island, do not hesitate to call or contact The Law Offices of John E. MacDonald, Inc., to ensure that you receive superior legal advice and defense.

Using stolen or lost credit cards to purchase goods is one of the most common forms of credit card fraud in Rhode Island. Another growing trend in credit card fraud involves the Internet. Internet based credit card fraud may occur when a list of stolen credit card numbers is sold or displayed for others to see and use.

Listed below are other types of fraud which are punishable with severe penalties:

  • Counterfeiting an access device, such as a credit card, account number, or personal identification number
  • Trafficking credit cards
  • Using an unauthorized credit card and purchasing over $1000 in a 12 month period
  • Possessing materials to counterfeit credit cards

U.S. Code Title 18 Part 1 Chapter 47 Section 1029, states: “(a) Whoever-(10) without the authorization of the credit card system member or its agent, knowingly and with intent to defraud causes or arranges for another person to present to the member or its agent, for payment, 1 or more evidences or records of transactions made by an access device; shall, if the offense affects interstate or foreign commerce, be punished as provided in subsection (c) of this section.”

Depending upon certain key factors of the case, upon conviction a defendant may have to serve a prison term of ten, fifteen, or twenty years in prison, as well as pay monetary fines.

If you are under charges for Credit Card fraud you need the services of an experience and aggressive credit card Fraud attorney. Contact the Law Office Of John E. MacDonald, Inc. today for a FREE consultation with an experienced Fraud defense attorney.

Rhode Island Identity Fraud

Due to the enormous extent of identity theft that is occurring throughout Rhode Island and the entire United States, law enforcement and the judicial system are vigorously investigating all suspected cases of identity theft and aggressively prosecuting the suspects.

When one individual unlawfully uses another person’s private information in order to commit fraud (typically as means to illegally receive money) he or she has committed identity theft. Many times the personal information which is used to commit identity theft includes the victims name, Social Security number, bank account number, credit card number, birth date, taxpayer identification number, and driver’s license number.

Listed below are just a few different examples of identity theft, all of which violate Federal law, and if convicted, carry with them severe consequences:

  • Using another person’s identification to violate a Federal law
  • Using another individual’s identification to commit or attempt to commit a felony
  • Knowingly and illegally possessing false identification
  • Knowingly possessing a stolen form of identification

As a way to make identity theft a Federal offense in the United States, the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act of 1998 was created. As a result of this act, all individuals accused of identity theft in the U.S. are prosecuted under Federal law and face very serious penalties, which may include monetary fines and a prison term of up to 25 years.

If you are under charges for Identity theft or fraud you need the services of an experience and aggressive Identity Fraud attorney. Contact today for a FREE consultation with an experienced Fraud defense attorney.

Rhode Island Mail Fraud

Thousands of people are arrested on suspicion of mail theft in the United States every year. Mail fraud, postal fraud, and the theft of mail are felonies regulated by strict Federal laws. Mail fraud crimes carry with them severe penalties, including a prison term and enormous monetary fines. The penalties vary depending upon the crime, for example if the fraud involves any type of financial intuition the accused may face an increased fine and prison term.

U.S. Code Title 18 Part 1 Chapter 63 Section 1341, states that:

“Whoever, having devised or intending to devise any scheme or artifice to defraud, or for obtaining money or property by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises, or to sell, dispose of, loan, exchange, alter, give away, distribute, supply, or furnish or procure for unlawful use any counterfeit or spurious coin, obligation, security, or other article, or anything represented to be or intimated or held out to be such counterfeit or spurious article, for the purpose of executing such scheme or artifice or attempting so to do, places in any post office or authorized depository for mail matter, any matter or thing whatever to be sent or delivered by the Postal Service, or deposits or causes to be deposited any matter or thing whatever to be sent or delivered by any private or commercial interstate carrier, or takes or receives therefrom, any such matter or thing, or knowingly causes to be delivered by mail or such carrier according to the direction thereon, or at the place at which it is directed to be delivered by the person to whom it is addressed, any such matter or thing, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both. If the violation affects a financial institution, such person shall be fined not more than $1,000,000 or imprisoned not more than 30 years, or both.”

In order to prove that a person is guilty of mail fraud, the following four factors must be proven:

  • The accused knowingly invented a fraudulent scheme
  • The accused intended to perform fraud
  • The accused mailed or had another individual mail something for the purpose of defrauding
  • Materials mailed were false and purposefully used to defraud

If you are under charges for Mail fraud you need the services of an experience and aggressive Mail Fraud attorney. Contact us today for a FREE consultation with an experienced Fraud defense attorney.

Rhode Island Bank Fraud

Bank fraud, or Financial Institution Fraud, is the most common criminal offense that white collar criminal defense lawyers handle in the United States. There are several forms of white collar crime that the federal government, and specifically the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (F.B.I.) Financial Institution Fraud Unit (F.I.F) pursue. These include insider fraud, identity theft, check fraud, counterfeiting and check kiting, mortgage fraud and loan fraud.
A bank or financial institution fraud may occur any time a transfer of monies, loans, commodities, securities, or valued property takes place, and where either the transferor or transferee is a bank or financial institution. In an attempt to uncover these and other types of fraud, the F.B.I.’s F.I.F. aggressively pursues individuals and businesses which appear to be involved in bank fraud schemes.

Some of the crimes for which The Law Offices of John E. MacDonald, Inc. provides white collar criminal defense include:

  • Financial crimes
  • Corporate fraud
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Insurance fraud
  • Telemarketing fraud
  • Securities & Commodities fraud
  • Asset forfeiture / Money laundering

F.B.I. and other governmental investigations for bank fraud are concentrated in several areas where financial transactions are suspected for criminal activities. These activities include the theft and counterfeiting of corporate checks, money orders, payroll checks, credit cards, debit cards, U.S. treasury checks, and currency. Furthermore, investigations for check and loan fraud often require deeper investigation into the possibility of fraudulent money laundering activities which are commonly created to conceal illegal transactions.

The Law Offices of John E. MacDonald, Inc. excels in representing clients in white collar criminal defense cases and provides white collar criminal defense for our clients allegedly involved in cases where RICO, money laundering, and fraud may be at issue, and provides such representation at the investigative, trial and appellate court levels.

If you are under charges for Bank fraud you need the services of an experience and aggressive Bank Fraud attorney. Call the Criminal Defense Lawyers of the Law Office Of John E. MacDonald, Inc. at 401.421.1440 today for a FREE consultation with an experienced Rhode Island Fraud Defense Attorney.

Rhode Island Wire Fraud

Mail and wire fraud are often charges brought against individuals who cannot be charged with other crimes due to a lack of evidence. Wire fraud prosecutions, in particular, have been and are applied to many alleged criminal activities. Prosecutors often use these statutes as a back door into criminal cases that would otherwise be difficult to prove. It is important to have an attorney who knows how to defend against mail fraud and wire fraud charges.

Mail fraud or wire fraud is a serious charge with severe consequences. An indictment of mail or wire fraud will be based upon a significant and detailed investigation. It is important to discuss your rights, potential defenses and case strategies with an experienced white collar defense attorney as soon as you are indicted or if you believe that you may be under investigation. Early preparation by an experienced defense lawyer can increase your chances of a favorable outcome, including the possibility of charges being dropped.

Prosecutors use federal mail and wire fraud statutes to bring charges for many crimes if the criminal activity was conducted through the U.S. mail, through private mail services or by electronic communication methods. A few examples of the scope of mail and wire fraud charges include:

  • Bank fraud
  • Internet fraud
  • Online auction or sale fraud
  • Impersonation
  • Fake charity solicitations
  • Theft from the mails
  • Work at home schemes

Prosecutors may be able to bring a wire fraud charge if the fraudulent scheme was discussed over the telephone. In short, these are broad statutes that are used in a variety of ways by prosecutors.

If you are facing a mail fraud or wire fraud charge, it is important that you seek legal counsel from an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer. At the Law Offices Of John E. MacDonald, Inc., we represent clients throughout the legal process, from initial investigation through parole after conviction, including:

  • Extradition
  • Arrest
  • Grand jury indictment
  • Charging
  • Bail hearing
  • Arraignment
  • Plea negotiations
  • Trial
  • Verdict
  • Pre-sentencing investigation and reports
  • Post-conviction appeals, writs and motions
  • Probation
  • Jail or prison

If you are under charges for Wire fraud you need the services of an experience and aggressive Wire Fraud Attorney.

The Law Office Of John E. MacDonald, Inc. is ready to give your Fraud case the attention it deserves. Please call 401.421.1440 today for a FREE consultation with an experienced Rhode Island Fraud defense attorney.