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Rhode Island Forfeiture Attorney – John E. MacDonald

Rhode Island Forfeiture Attorney

Forfeiture is a legal term which is very broad and is used to describe any property loss where you are not compensated. In contractual relationships, one person may be required to relinquish property if certain obligations are not met. In cases of Forfeiture Defense, you will be working an attorney who will be fighting to get back something that was taken from you unlawfully by the government, be it local, state, or federal officers of the law. Federal offices usually involved with forfeiture can include the IRS, Drug Enforcement Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Customs and Border Enforcement, or other bodies of the federal government. If you believe that your property has been seized unlawfully, you must contact a Rhode Island Forfeiture Attorney immediately. Forfeiture is not a situation that you want to handle alone.

At the Law Office of Rhode Island Forfeiture Attorney John E. MacDonald, our team has extensive training and experience to handle forfeiture cases. We have recovered over $100,000 in assets for our clients and are prepared to assist you today. If you would like to contact us, we are available at any time for a free consultation at 401.421.1440.

Are You The Right Attorney For My Case?

When it comes to Forfeiture in Rhode Island Attorney John E. MacDonald has the experience necessary to get the results you need. It is not uncommon for our office to be referred your case because the experience necessary of a Rhode Island Forfeiture Attorney are hard to come by in most cases. Our office has skills derived from many other areas of complicated law and has handled many cases involving federal drug forfeitures, money laundering, and other similar areas.

It is important that if you are in need of a Rhode Island Forfeiture Attorney you contact one with experience. Attorneys without the experience necessary to handle these types of cases will likely fall into rabbit holes, and other tricky situations put in place to prevent them from getting the results you need. If you would like to contact our office to discuss your case with a Rhode Island Forfeiture Attorney we are available at anytime at 401.421.1440.

Recent Results

Gambling Forfeiture – Case resolved: Client’s assets, totaling nearly $300,000 were seized by state officials as part of a state-wide gambling investigation. After conducting initial forfeiture hearings in District Court, a settlement with the Attorney General was achieved allowing client to recover nearly $300,000 seized from his bank accounts.