Hate Crime Defense Attorney – Two Reason You Need One

People have a very clear image of what a hate crime looks like in their heads. But the laws outlining the definition and enforcement of hate crimes are ambiguous at best. And many people find themselves charged with hate crimes for incidents they never expected to be labeled as an exceptional offense.

Why You Need a Hate Crime Defense Attorney

In these cases, it is essential to have a hate crime defense attorney working on behalf of the defendant. Hate crimes require a very careful legal strategy. And only an attorney with experience in this unique category of law can provide truly effective representation. Before you make any definitive decisions, learn why a hate crime defense attorney is the best resource you can have moving forward.

The Punishments Are Harsh

Hate crimes are crimes that are determined to be worse than others because they are motivated by a hatred of individual and innate characteristics like race, gender, or religion. As a result, the courts determine what punishment would be appropriate for a particular type of violent crime, then they intensify it in the case of hate crimes. Without the help of a hate crime defense attorney, you could be facing a lengthy prison sentence and fines totaling tens of thousands of dollars.

The Long-Term Consequences Are Worse

If you are convicted of a hate crime, you will have a felony on your record and will have your rights and freedoms restricted for the rest of your life. You will not be able to vote or own a firearm, and your right to travel will be limited. Plus, as a convicted felon you will be looked on with suspicion anytime you apply for a job, try to rent a place to live, or apply for a loan. The stigma is only worse when the felony is a hate crime. Rather than being labeled a violent bigot for life, rely on the guidance of a hate crime defense attorney.

Having a good lawyer is essential. But don’t gamble your rights and freedoms on counsel who is not a hate crime defense attorney. Start getting information and advice free of charge by calling The Law Office of John E. MacDonald at 401.421.1440.