Popular Online Affair Site Ashley Madison Hacked – Were You Exposed?

Ashley Madison Hacked


Ashley Madison hacked? Apparently so. In a recent turn of unfortunate events a group calling themselves “The Impact Team” created and accomplished their mission to successfully have Ashley Madison hacked. The hackers cracked into the database of ashleymadison.com and leaked a large amount of it’s users personal information. Names, address, account records, and email addresses were all dumped online publicly for the world to see. So what’s the big deal? This type of cyber hacking activity is a common denominator in our tech-savvy society. The problem is Ashley Madison is an online service for married spouses looking to have an affair. The entire premise of the site is built to ensure secrecy. The public washing of it’s members could lead to a heap load of problems. It will certainly lead to the obvious legal corporate litigation of the crime itself. More importantly the millions of homes now exposed to the truth of a spouse’s infidelity or desire to be unfaithful. This purging of site users could be the source of hundreds, even thousands of divorce in the near future.

Ashley Madison Hacked – Now What Should You Do?

According to a recent article published on Wired.com, curious minds and suspecting spouses can use certain online tools to check the data for their information or the information of a loved one. However, the author strongly recommends against fact-checking the data for your spouse’s activity for the sake of preserving your marriage. But if you dare to ignore the author’s request and search the data anyway be prepared for whatever you may find. Who would have thought that Ashley Madison hacked could create such an uproar.

Considering Divorce?

Upon discovering the breach of trust in a marriage, there can be so many thoughts darting through your head. The best thing to do when considering a divorce is to speak with a professional. This affords you the ability to gain a clear understanding of the process and the possible outcomes.
If you or a loved one has been involved in the Ashley Madison hacked scandal contact our office immediately. Our team of legal professionals can sit down with you, review your case and discuss your legal options. Our legal services extend beyond criminal defense and immigration to include family law, specifically divorce, divorce mediation, and alimony. If you’re considering a legal separation or divorce call (401) 421-1440 for experienced legal advice.