Signs You Have a Good Immigration Attorney

immigration attorney

How Good is Your Immigration Attorney?

All immigration attorneys are not created equal. There are several key factors in determining how good your immigration attorney is. With the new administration has come a much harsher stance on immigrants. President Trump has promised to curb immigration and secure the borders. This means that there are going to be a lot more immigration cases and you’re going to want to have the right lawyer. Not only will illegal immigrants face deportation at a much higher rate, but the immigration process will become much more strict. These are the characteristics you’ll want to seek an immigration attorney.

An Attorney That Has Experience

While this may seem like common sense, it isn’t as easy to find. You’re going to want someone that has years of experience in immigration law. Finding proper representation starts with experience. A good starting point is ten plus years of experience. Trusting your case to someone that is fresh out of law school is a recipe for disaster. John E. Macdonald is one of the few immigration attorneys in Rhode Island with more than twenty years of experience. Whether you face deportation or are just looking to secure your green card, an experienced immigration attorney is critical.

An Attorney That Knows the Law

Immigration law is one of the most complex and quickly changing areas of law. With new laws being created by executive order all the time, you’ll need someone who keeps up with the changes. Having an attorney that knows the proper defense to use is important. There are some legal defenses to use when facing deportation; you want your attorney to know the one that will work. When attempting to apply for a green card, you need an attorney that can navigate through the legal landscape. The immigration process in the United States is widely regarded as broken. Having the right person to guide you through the process can be a big help.

What Should Your Attorney Know in a Deportation Case?

The Right Defense to Use: There are multiple legal defenses to choose from in a deportation case. Having an attorney that knows which one is right for your case helps. Whether you should seek asylum, an adjustment of status, withholding of removal, or cancellation of removal can make all the difference in your case. An attorney with experience can let you know the proper defense for you.

What Information to Present to the Judge: In a deportation case, the judge is required by law to learn all relevant information. Your immigration attorney needs to know the good and the bad to defend you properly. Having all the information at their disposal can make or break your case.

Precedent: Was there a recent ruling in a case similar to yours on the other side of the country? Your attorney needs to know everything about previous cases. Having precedent already set in your case can be a great tool for your attorney to use.
When to Use Voluntary Departure: While it may not be the ideal scenario, voluntary departure may be your last resort. Having an attorney that can tell you when you’ve exhausted all other options could allow you to return to the United States at a later date.

What Should Your Attorney Know in a Green Card/Immigration Application

How to Prepare You For Interviews: If there is one thing that is guaranteed in a green card application, it’s interviews. You’re going to want to pick an attorney that has experience in these meetings and can help you prepare. Just the slightest discrepancy in your statements can be the difference between approval and denial of your application.

You Need to be Comfortable With Your Immigration Attorney

The immigration process can get very personal. Every detail of your past, both good and bad are drug up. If you have ever committed a crime or have had the slightest brush with the police, your attorney needs to know. Surprises in the application process or deportation hearings can torpedo your chances of success. Finding a lawyer who a friend or family member has used is a great place to start. You can also ask the attorney for references or testimonials. Reaching out to previous clients could put your mind at ease about sharing intimate details of your life with your immigration attorney. If you don’t have someone you feel you can tell everything to, you need to find a new attorney.

You Should Always Receive a Free Consultation

An immigration attorney worth your time will give you a free consultation. You should never pay an immigration attorney before you have signed a contract and discussed the services that will be provided. Consultation should always be free and provide you with the comfort that your attorney knows the best approach to help you. If you at all skeptical about the services your attorney suggests in the consultation, shop around. At the end of the day, it is your life in the balance and finding the best immigration attorney could be the difference between obtaining citizenship or being deported.