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internet fraud defense

Internet fraud is a growing problem. We live so much of our lives online that it is growingly becoming something that we need to be aware of. Regardless of what you do online, the information that you provide or share online is susceptible to internet fraud. And while it might not seem like information, the compilation of it all can be dangerous. Sharing your name and birthday might not seem dangerous. But with just one more thing, your social security number, you can easily lose your identity. You will always hear people talk about how they don’t have anything worth taking, but this is where they are wrong. Your identity can give someone an entire life in your name. You can read more about it here.

Internet Fraud: Emails

This method of internet fraud is one that is common. You will always hear jokes about a far-off prince asking for money to help them transfer funds from an account. While we might laugh about these emails, there was a time when the internet was new, and people were excited about the possibility. It has been known to be effective when someone had corresponded for a little while and found a way to provide the money to the “prince.” Of course, this never ends well. There are also cases that are a bit less obvious. One such example is when someone sparks an internet romance, and they are asked to send money to someone in need.

Internet Fraud: Viruses/Phishing

This tends to be something that involves a software loaded into your computer. This can also be by email but is also from websites and downloads online. Once you arrive at a website, click on a link or download something (it can be a photo, music, etc.) the virus/software arrives with it. Then it acquires information from your computer. It can obtain information on credit cards, social security numbers; anything that it has access to. It takes the information it obtains and sends it to the person who designed it. This means that they can use your information to imitate you online and achieve their goals. And you will be the one who has to pay the price.

Internet Fraud: Ransomware

While this is similar to phishing or a virus, this doesn’t involve anyone using your information to imitate you. Once you download the software that is sent or clicked on, it does obtain information. This is where it is similar to phishing and viruses. However, the difference is that instead of using that information; ransomware holds it hostage. Once an action has been taken or an amount paid, it is released. For example, if your bank accounts are taken or your social security number, it can cause problems for you. And you will not be able to use them until the ransomware is given a signal from its sender, letting it know that the “ransom” has been paid.

Internet Fraud: Data Breach

Using the internet as a tool is not the only way to obtain data. There are some people who can use devices to obtain your data using radio-frequencies to steal information from cards. This includes ID card, credit cards, and memory cards. They can be read from some distance and without you even seeing the person. That can be avoided with RFID blocking materials. Many people who think they are at risk purchase wallets with these abilities. They are not expensive and very easy to find, available at most stores. There are also RFID blocking cases for memory cards if you think that is something that you need. These are also very common and fairly priced. You might not think you need them now, but nobody does until they need them.

Internet fraud is a very serious charge. This is something that can land you in a federal court, pleading for your life. And with a conviction, you will spend time in a federal prison. These are things that will affect your future, in more ways than one. It can be hard to convict someone of this crime, but not impossible. You need a skilled attorney who has experience in these laws. They will know how to build you a strong defense and give you the best chance for dismissal or lesser consequences than expected. Having someone who has tried fraud cases that don’t involve internet fraud can be dangerous. And having someone who has tried fraud cases that weren’t online is just as dangerous.

This is a very specific field of the law, and you need an attorney who understands it. Taking a chance on someone who has no experience and no knowledge of them is taking a chance with your life. That isn’t something you want to risk when federal charges are at hand. Call today to schedule a free consultation with the experienced Rhode Island Fraud Defense Attorneys at the Law Office of John E. MacDonald.