Different Types Of Manslaughter

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Involuntary manslaughter is when a person is killed during another crime, or when a death occurs without advance planning. This is usually divided into two categories, criminally negligent and constructive manslaughter. Constructive manslaughter is considered an “unlawful act” and is often a result of another crime.

Vehicular manslaughter is often the result of a traffic violation, or an auto accident that resulted in serious injury. When a conviction for accidental death is being sought, vehicular manslaughter is usually the charge. The charges for vehicular manslaughter vary state to state and case by case.

Types of vehicular manslaughter include:

  • Driving while asleep or extremely drowsy
  • Safety issues such as broken windshield or headlights
  • Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
  • Negligent driving, such as excessive speed or reckless endangerment

The penalty for involuntary manslaughter is a 10-16 month jail sentence, but this can change depending on the case. If it can be shown that the involuntary manslaughter was the result of a reckless incident the sentence could be worse.

Manslaughter is a lesser sentence than homicide, but depending on the circumstances the sentencing could be very severe. The best thing to do if you find yourself being charged with any type manslaughter is to contact us today at 401.421.1440

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