COVID-19 Rhode Island Court Update

COVID-19 Rhode Island Court Update

Rhode Island Courts will remain closed through May 17, 2020.  Anyone with a pending criminal case, whether in District or Superior Court, will receive a new court date.  There are, however, some limited exceptions for emergency matters. 

Arraignments will still take place for:

  • Capital Offenses
  • Domestic Violence Offenses
  • Alcohol-related Driving Offenses
  • Fugitive from Justice
  • Other Crimes Involving Public Safety
  • Charges Stemming from Violations of Quarantine or Executive Orders Relating to the State of Emergency Declared by the Governor and/or the Department of Health

In addition, the following hearings will still take place:

  • Bail Hearings
  • Rule 32F and Rule 46G Violation Presentments and Hearings if the Defendant is in Custody
  • Competency Hearings

Questions may be addressed to the clerk’s office for either Providence or Kent County.  Newport and Washington courts will remain closed through May 17th.  Emergency exceptions for these counties will take place in the Kent County courthouse.