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Brown University Criminal Defense

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Being a university student – even an Ivy League university student – does not preclude you from making mistakes, or even getting arrested for these mistakes. So if your child has been arrested for a crime, you need to contact the experienced Brown University Criminal Defense Attorneys at the Law Office of John E. MacDonald, Esq.. There are a number of benefits to getting a trusted, experienced attorney like John E. MacDonald, Esq., to handle your Brown University criminal defense, especially if your child would like to avoid a careless mistake following him/her around for the rest of his/her life.

What are the benefits of getting a Brown University criminal defense lawyer?

There are many different criminal defense attorneys in Rhode Island, but only one – John E. MacDonald, Esq. – specializes in Brown University criminal defense. When you hire him to handle your child’s case, there are a number of benefits he provides.

He can prevent your child from getting suspended or expelled

When your child gets arrested, no matter the reason, s/he runs the risk of getting either suspended or expelled from the university. And if s/he is convicted, there is no question that s/he will face suspension or expulsion. But when you hire an attorney like John E. MacDonald, Esq., to handle your child’s Brown University criminal defense, he will work tirelessly to make sure your child can stay in school while his/her case gets sorted out.

He can prevent your child from having to attend preventative or rehabilitative courses

If the charge against your child has to do with drugs and/or alcohol (such as in the case of a DUI), s/he may be required to take a counseling program as part of his/her conviction. However, hiring an attorney like John E. MacDonald, Esq., who has experience in handling a case that requires Brown University criminal defense, will prevent this from happening.

He can prevent your child from getting a permanent mark on his/her record

The worst thing that can happen to your child, when s/he is arrested, is having a conviction go against his/her permanent record. This can prevent him/her from getting a job in the future, as well as get denied for housing and other privileges, as well. But when you hire John E. MacDonald, Esq., to defend your child, you can prevent this from happening!

For more information on how John E. MacDonald, Esq., can help your child obtain premier Brown University criminal defense, contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation.