Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer

Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer

RI Criminal Defense Lawyer

Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer John E. MacDonald is Rhode Island’s premier criminal defense attorney-at-law. John E. MacDonald is very informational, and his website is a massive treasure trove of useful knowledge. MacDonald knows both sides of the picture when it comes to criminal defense throughout over 25+ years of experience. This unique activity makes him one of the safest bets when it comes to a reliable and knowledgeable attorney.

Highly Qualified Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing a criminal case can be one of the stressful and traumatic events in some one’s life. Often, exceptional citizens who have never been in legal dispute before can abruptly find themselves on the undesired side of the constitutional system. For decades, these individuals have inquired legal advice and experienced counsel from Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer John E. MacDonald. For a seasoned, energetic, and wise Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer counsel and representation contact Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer John E. MacDonald for a private, no-cost meeting. Our consultation includes a discussion of your problem as well as an analysis regarding your Rhode Island criminal charges.

Whether the crime is:

  • assault and battery
  • burglary
  • disorderly conduct
  • domestic violence charges
  • drug offenses
  • DUI charges
  • trespassing
  • sexual assault
  • theft/shoplifting

John E. MacDonald has defended a multitude of different types of circumstances. His firm also deals with personal injury law such as car accidents or negligent acts, as well as family law and immigration. Don’t forget white collar criminal charges such as fraudulent checks, larceny computer crimes, or embezzlement. The Law Office of John E. MacDonald deals in family law; child custody, divorce, paternity, juvenile law, child support, restraining orders and even adoptions.

The experience and well-rounded skills has earned John E. MacDonald quite an excellent record. You would have their best concerns in mind facing a criminal charge by contacting John E. MacDonald as soon as viable. He is free at any time when he is not in court and will take your call, unlike a lawyer referral service. If he is unavailable at the moment of your call, his Law Office will take your information and John E. MacDonald will get back to you as soon as possible. Call 401.421.1440 today!