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Providence Rhode Island Divorce AttorneysAlthough a very common occurrence in today’s world, the legal act of ending a marriage is still an extremely challenging and difficult experience. Even for those who are ready to part, divorce touches people deeply and emotionally, as it means the end of a once loving relationship. Although taking the steps to terminate a marriage can be crushing, divorce is an important option that frees us from a difficult and sometimes hopeless condition. Because of this, we view our role not only as legal advocates, but also as advisors and counselors. We are well versed in the State of Rhode Island divorce laws, and sensitive to the diverse needs of our clients.

The Providence Rhode Island Divorce Attorneys of The Law Offices of John E. MacDonald, Inc. have years of experience helping clients achieve the results they desire in all domestic law issues. We have successfully represented clients with different types of family legal matters including divorce, separation, pre-marital and marital agreements, reorganization of marital businesses and assets, child custody, child support, division of assets, asset protection, spousal support, alimony, domestic violence, restraining orders, abuse, assault, and more. We recognize that in simple or complex matters, our clients want their legal problems solved promptly, their interests protected, and to have the process move efficiently and at a reasonable price.

At The Law Offices of John E. MacDonald, Inc. we are focused in all areas of Family Law and we throughly understand what it takes to succeed in the Rhode Island Family Court and Criminal Courts systems. Some of the Domestic Law areas that we concentrate on include:

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Last year, The Law Offices of John E. MacDonald, Inc. successfully litigated many divorce cases, some collaborative, some adversarial, and numerous involving custody and support issues. Two involved changing the placement of minor children from an in-state Rhode Island mother to an out-of-state father. In each of these cases, the father contacted The Law Offices of John E. MacDonald, Inc., and we immediately filed the appropriate documents, got the matters before a judge and persuaded the judge to rule in our client’s favor.

The Law Offices of John E. MacDonald, Inc. guarantees that our lawyers will take the time necessary to completely explain why we are pursuing a legal avenue on your behalf. We will explain the strengths and weaknesses of your divorce or custody case from the very beginning. We keep you informed throughout your case and discuss every development with you so that you understand the process completely. You will never complete a discussion with one of our attorneys and not have the answer to your question or a plan and timeframe in which we will obtain the answer for you.

We are available to our clients twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We frequently answer telephone calls and emails after hours, on weekends, and while on vacation. We love what we do and we love to win. We encourage you to consider a complimentary consultation wherein you will notice, first hand, the professionalism, competence and dedication we have to offer in resolving your family court matter.

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Some of the RECENT RESULTS achieved by the attorneys of The Law Offices of John E. MacDonald, Inc.:

  • Attorney Morris filed a motion to register and modify a foreign judgment on mother’s behalf. The purpose of this motion was to register an out-of-state judgment awarding her child support. After decree is registered in Rhode Island, modification substantially increases the amount which she is entitled to receive.
  • This firm represented father in defending against a family court restraining order as well as a motion to suspend his visitation with the minor child. Result: Family court restraining order case dismissed, motion to suspend visitation denied. All visits with child (unsupervised) to resume immediately;
  • Attorney Morris filed a motion for sole legal custody. Pursuant to divorce decree, parties had been awarded joint legal custody. Mother granted physical placement of the minor child. We represented mother, who, after several contempt hearings and post-final motions, was awarded sole legal custody with visits at her discretion and pursuant to the recommendations of the child’s counselor (see testimonial)
  • This firm filed an emergency motion to change placement, for permission to relocate, and for sole legal custody. Previously, the mother was granted joint legal custody and physical placement of two minor children per the parties’ divorce decree. This firm represented the father, who, through the filing of an emergency motion, was able to obtain sole legal custody and physical placement of two minor children and who was permitted to relocate out of state in a post-final decision;
  • Attorney Morris represented the husband/father in divorce. His wife was seeking placement of the children and alimony. Thanks to the efforts of the Law Office of John E. MacDonald, the husband is granted placement of children and is not obligated to pay wife alimony.
  • Attorney Morris represented father in filing his miscellaneous petition for custody, placement, and support. Mother refusing to allow child to visit overnight with father. After hearing, father granted joint legal custody, liberal specific visitation including overnights. See testimonial below:I could not have asked for better representation.Prior to choosing an attorney, I had consulted with several about my case. Attorney Morris’ confidence, sincerity, honesty, and track record won me over. I was impressed by her swift and thorough knowledge of my case as well as how quickly she responded to my calls and emails.Her knowledge and tenacity were evident as we attempted to negotiate with my son’s mother and her attorney and I believe that it was these traits along with her treating my case as if she were fighting for her own child that won me additional time with my son in the form of extra days, overnights, and shared transport.THANK YOU SO MUCH ELISHA!


    a VERY HAPPY father

  • March 29, 2012: Attorney Morris represented mother in multi-jurisdictional custody/placement battle. Mother resides out of state with child, father resides in Rhode Island. Father obtains ex parte emergency motion for placement. Child is moved to father’s residence pursuant to court’s order. She successfully represented mother in returning child to her placement out of state.
  • February, 2012: This firm files an ex parte emergency motion to change custody and placement. In that case, we represented the out-of-state father. Child resided in Rhode Island with mother. Ex parte motion granted on a temporary basis, after hearing, father granted sole custody and physical placement in Massachusetts, with supervised visits to mother;


  • “My family and I were lucky to have found Elisha Morris. She handled our case with professionalism but also with kindness and understanding. She is honest and caring about her clients and will do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable. She was always there when we had a question and in the end we won our case. Even now after the case is over she is there if I need to ask questions.” – Sarah
  • “Elisha was the third attorney on what was for me a very long and painful divorce and custody case. She brought a refreshing mix of empathy, professionalism and pragmatism to quickly bring closure and help me get on with my life.” – Stacey
  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Attorney Elisha Morris during what is, by far, one of the most taxing and emotionally stressful periods in my life. Her professionalism and care at every contact put me at ease and allowed me to focus on the rest of my life. I took comfort knowing that she had my best interests at heart and would guide me through this tumultuous time. I would not hesitate to contact Attorney Morris in the future for any of my legal needs.” – Suzanne


  • Father complained ex-wife was preventing him from visiting with his two daughters in Rhode Island. After full hearing, father returned to Texas with his two children; ex-wife now must travel to Texas if she wishes to visit with her children. Supreme Court stayed the move of the daughters, who remained in Rhode Island with mother. Conducted a second hearing within four weeks: at conclusion of second hearing, judge again orders that the daughters live with father in Texas; ex-wife now must travel to Texas if she wishes to visit with her children. Daughters are permanently residing in Texas with their father.
  • Father complained that ex-wife prevented his son from having unfettered communication with him. On day of hearing, father wins; son moves with his father to Michigan that day.
  • Successfully obtained and defended against restraining orders after full hearings.
  • Mother complains that father is uninvolved in his teenage son’s life. After several hearings, mother granted sole custody.
    Parties divorced out-of-state, relocate to Rhode Island. Two minor children alternating visitation with parents week to week. Children refuse to visit with mother despite strict visitation schedule. Placement successfully changed to father.
  • Divorce wherein parties cannot agree on holiday visitation with the minor child. Successfully represented mother, who will now have her daughter with her each Christmas Eve to Christmas Day.
  • After years of child living with father, successfully modified placement so that mother has physical possession.
  • Termination of child support for father wherein child had reached age of majority and graduated high school, but mother insisted that an out-of-state decree provided for additional support and that child had special medical needs. After hearing, child support terminated.
  • Divorce wherein one party is uncertain whether the child his ex-spouse is carrying is his. After paternity tests, determined that child is his and court grants him joint custody with visitation rights.

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