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What is Child Support?

Child support is defined as the continual and routine payment of one parent paid for the financial benefit and well-being of their child or children. These payments are usually ordered upon the dissolution of marriage or a legally based relationship. In many cases, the non-custodial parent is ordered to pay the custodial parent to assist in providing for the child’s maintenance and necessities.

According to the United Nations Convention, the rearing and guided development of a child are the shared responsibility of both parents. In this responsibility, it is imperative for both parents to take primary responsibility in the caring for their child. Marriages and legal unions may come to an end for some reasons. The financially stable home environment a child may have been raised in could be endangered. The theory of Child Support laws is to provide a fair plan of action for both parents in providing for the child.

Over the years, our law office has represented many clients in child support proceedings during and after their divorce. One of the most common questions we receive in regards to child support is, “How are the calculations for child support created?”

Rhode Island Child Support Law

Rhode Island family law relies upon guidelines that assist the Courts in calculating child support. In determining the appropriate amount of support, Rhode Island Courts consider the following factors:

  • the financial resources, needs, and obligations of both the non-custodial and the custodial parent;
  • the physical and emotional conditions and educational needs of the child;
  • the earning potential of the parents;
  • any other dependents of the parents;
  • any other relevant factors.


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Child custody, support and visitation issues can be complex and the guidelines difficult to apply. In this area of the law, the result of your case directly depends on the skill of your attorney and the quality of your legal representation. We are available to our clients twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We frequently answer telephone calls and emails after hours, on weekends, and while on vacation. We love what we do, and we love to win. We encourage you to consider a complimentary consultation wherein you will notice, first hand, the professionalism, competence and dedication we have to offer in resolving your family court matter.

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