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Immigration Case -

“I want to personally thank Attorney Elisha Morris for the way my deportation case was professionally handled. Elisha is an exceptional attorney and the Immigration Judge complimented her on the way all the legal paperwork was presented. I truly feel that without her help I would have been deported. My whole family is in her debt.”

2nd Degree Child Molestation -

“Mr. John MacDonald, Thank you for doing your job as greatly as you do. I knew you were the ONE to do this for us. I will definitely recommend you. This outcome has meant more to us than you know. Being a defense attorney can be difficult at times but I assure you that you can have peace of mind.”

Family Court -

“Thanks does not seem like enough after all you’ve done to help me these last two years…would never of been able to do it without you Elisha!!! I am in such awe of you!!! You taught me to stand strong and tall through it all !!! I admire you so much! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Divorce and Child Custody – Since 1998 until today:

…Though my divorce and subsequent custody case has been very trying and heart wrenching at times, I have always been strengthened by the support and professionalism of Elisha Morris and John MacDonald… I am very lucky to have Elisha representing my family. She has been dedicated and rentless in her quest to make sure we are treated fairly in a family court that sometimes isn’t. I have never felt like a client with a lawyer but a person being represented by a friend and I recommend Elisha to my friends because I know they are in the best hands possible….

Avvo Rating – Superb

Attorney John E. MacDonald is a Rhode Island trial lawyer practicing Criminal defense, DUI and Drunk Driving defense, immigration law and post-conviction relief in RI and MA. Attorney Elisha L. Morris is specialized in Rhode Island Domestic and Divorce, RI Family Court, Child Custody, Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, Immigration, and Personal Injury/Automobile Accidents. Law Office located in Providence RI.

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Second Degree Sexual Assault: Not Guilty

After a five day jury trial in Providence Superior Court, client was found not guilty of second degree sexual assault. Attorney John MacDonald was retained by lead counsel Jason Knight to lend his expertise in trying these very difficult cases. From jury selection through closing argument, Attorneys MacDonald and Knight worked together to produce the result that the client deserved – Not Guilty.

Assault With a Dangerous Weapon: Not Guilty

Client charged with assault with a dangerous weapon (knife) when the complainant alleged that he was stabbed outside a house in Central Falls. The complainant testified with certainty that the client was the assailant. Attorney MacDonald was hired after the case had languished for nearly two years. He conducted an exhaustive investigation and located two witnesses that saw the event very differently. After a three-day jury trial, client was found not-guilty.

Campaign Violation: Dismissed

Client charged with violating Rhode Island Campaign laws by failing to note the campaign’s name on flyers distributed late during a 2012 campaign contest. Attorney MacDonald moved to dismiss the charge on the grounds that Rhode Island’s campaign statute is unconstitutional since it was a blanket prohibition against First Amendment protections. The Department of Attorney General agreed and the charge was dismissed. Link to Providence Journal article: Click here for article

Post Conviction Relief: Eligible to apply for cancellation of removal

Client was ordered removed based upon a 1997 possession of cocaine conviction. Client was denied the ability to apply for cancellation on this conviction due to a 1982 breaking and entering charge that constituted an aggravated felony. Attorney MacDonald filed post-conviction relief in the 1997 matter. After a full hearing, the trial judge did not render a decision for over a year. Not willing to wait, Attorney MacDonald filed post-conviction in the 1982 matter and successfully amended the sentence so that it no longer constituted an aggravated felony. Client is now eligible to re-open the removal case and apply for cancellation.

Child Support: Modification increases benefit

Attorney Morris filed a motion to register and modify a foreign judgment on mother’s behalf. The purpose of this motion was to register an out-of-state judgment awarding her child support. After decree is registered in Rhode Island, modification substantially increases the amount which she is entitled to receive.

Second Degree Child Molestation: Amended to assault

Client was charged with second degree child molestation. After an extensive investigation and negotiations with attorney general, the charge was amended to simple assault for probation. Client is spared a felony sex conviction and will not required to register as a sex offender.